wetsanding help


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My helmet is primed, and I have in my possession 600 grit wetsanding paper. Now, do I soak the paper, then sand the primer? Please help!


You can dip the sandpaper in water as you sand.

You need to dip the sandpaper in water frequently to keep it from becoming loaded down with gunk.

I like to also use a spray bottle and mist the helmet while sanding.

Jangos kid

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Yup, MrP. is absolutely right, same method I use. The water acts to "clean" the sandpaper as it sands. As long as you keep the surface you are sanding wet, you're fine. There's really no 'trick' to it. It does get rather messy though. You'll have to see how your helm looks after hitting it w/ 600 grit, you may want to go w/ an even finer grit to get it ultra smooth. Hope that helps a bit, & good luck.


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Whew. That'll wear you out! It looks really good. Nice and smooth and light reflective. I only came out with 2 paper cuts!