Spinning Mechanism Help (non-Boba)


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Hey everyone!

I wasn't sure where to post such a question, but this is the most knowledgeable collection of costume makers I know, so I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. Does anyone have ANY suggestions on how to make a hat, spin...?

Let me explain: I am part of a team and we are creating a costume for fashion week. It is constructed out of donated/ recycled products from different manufacturers that we work with (I am an Architect, and the team is comprised of Interior Designers & Architects). We display the costume during fashion week at a large fashion show-type event and proceeds go to charity! Anyways, we have a concept that the hat, which is similar to a flapper style pillbox hat but with a larger 3D printed piece on top, will spin. I tried to get creative and use a fidget spinner, connected to a shaft, and use magnets to make it spin. It is proving to be difficult and time consuming.

Any thoughts or suggestions on products I can use to just "flip a switch" and the thing will spin...? Jc27 any servo or wiring thoughts? The first thing I thought of was using a servo, but it's completely out of my wheelhouse...