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Does anyone know what the exact name is or catalog/item# the Radio Shack voice amp is? I have been having fits trying to explain what I'm looking for to the so called experts at R.S.
"-any help here would be hot!"
Radio Shack part # 32-2015. There is another one that works too in a smaller white case but i dont know that one. This is the black oval shaped case that most of the troopers/fetts use

Hopefully someone can now answer this. Whats the deal with the square white RS amp??? model 277-1008c....Saw it in RS today and it seems the same as the other black oval one. Can anyone tell me why troopers/fetts dont use this one or dont want to use this one???

The black oval one at $30 came with a headset microphone. It needed no modification in order to work on a costume (although I added a mute switch).

The white one is cheaper by far ($10 new), but you need to get a microphone for it. Cell phone headsets won't work, so your options are limited. You can take apart a standard tape recorder mic ($8) and fit it inside the helmet. Or you can make a headset out of rubber tubing and a coat hanger, which is what I used for my first costume. I used a Radio Shack lavalier (tie-clip) mic ($30), which came with a mute switch, and the sound was much better than some of the others.
so other than the mic issue the white amp is pretty good to use, the quality of the sound from it is decent???

The small white amp is called a "Mini Audio Amplifier", part # 277-1008, at $11.99.

As Mirax hinted at, she gave up on hers because the maximum volume is not near as loud as the black one. HOWEVER...if you use a lavalier mic, it's a little better. AND, if you take apart the amp, add extra speaker wire, and re-position the speaker behind your lower abdomen armor plate, it gets even better. I did this for a number of years, before the black ones hit the market.

Or, you could just fork over the $40 for one of the black ones on E-bay. :)
You might have to go in and look around - they're not a huge seller, so I doubt they'll know what you're looking for, right over the phone. Also bring in the part number, that will help.

And there is also www.radioshack.com.
RS.com has nothing but owner manuals for this black amp. I have a few more shacks to go through around here. Yesterday an idiot tried to sell me a guitar floor amp telling me "this is the portable amp you are talking about" as it sits the in its 12"W x 14"H glory.... i was like uuummm No

bye bye

The black voice amp kit was discontinued by Radio Shack at the beginning of this year. Some stores can still find them via their multi-store database. Sometimes you can also find them on ebay.

We need to begin a letter writing campaign against Radio Shack. They only sold those amps for a year, which cannot be enough time to determine the demand for a product. Especially now that the costuming community has discovered the product and has a HUGE demand for it. Everyone start inundating RS's email with requests for the Portable Voice Amplifier, Cat #32-2015. Maybe we can get RS to start carrying them again.

I just sent my email to customer support at Radio Shack.


click on "Customer Relations" and fill out the form. You can send it annonymously.
Any one seen those cheap halloween voice changers. Can they be modified/amplified more. Saw some at Walmart today for 5$ that made an alien, monster and normal voice change but I couldn't change it to any voice except alien. Just an idea for those without funds.
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Well i wrote an email to RS and heres what i got back tonight....

Hello Mr. Opp:

Thank you for your email regarding the Portable Voice Amplifier.

Our records indicate that there are 1000 of these units available throughout
our store locations nationwide. However, we are unable to guarantee the
condition of these units, nor are we able to have them ship between store
locations. If you wish, you may contact your local store for information
regarding other locations that may have one of these units in stock for you
to purchase. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Thank you for taking the time to write. Customer feedback is always welcome
and appreciated.


Kathy Mashburn
RadioShack Customer Care

Guess these 1000 items arent in any town within 50 miles of any tdh or rpf member...
the search goes on

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For anyone still trying to find one of these, they do still
have some in certain stores.

I called my Radio Shack, of course they didn't have any.
They checked all the stores in this "District" ... nothing.
They checked all the stores in the "Region"... found one!!!
They told me where it was, they called that store, located
3 states away, to make sure they did indeed have it in stock
and it's on its way. It should be here in a few days.

I was unaware that they would do this. I was also sure that
they would tack on an extra $20 to do it. Nope! After all's
said and done it'll only cost me $12.97!

If you don't want to pay the inflated price these things are
going for on eBay, just call your local Radio Shack. Like I
said, it only took one phone call and they were able to check
hundreds of store locations. It really helped to have the
product #, so make sure you have that when you call.

Good luck!

I just eMail Radio Shack about restocking the black portable amp. Will keep the board informed if/when I get a response.
I was thinking...

Have any of you electronic gurus tried taking one of those black RS amps apart, and copying the circuit board/assembly, to where you could make your own? You could even tweak some of the individual parts, like the speaker size and microphone.

Beyond simple soldering, I'm electronically challenged...so I'm not even sure if it's possible.
I have both white and black amplifiers, which the last one is the one I use. Like Mirax said before, the white one, while compact and works with a single 9V battery, it's just a hassle to work with.

The mic I use for it cost me almost an arm and a leg (almost $20) for the mic itself, Clip-on, Electret Condenser Microphone, Part # 33-3013, which works with a mini watch battery to power the little mic, and it works sometimes (bummer), and was the only single microphone that worked from the whole selection at the store (tested by the sales rep. there).

Bottom line...go for the black one instead, and you have the mic included.

i have one of teh white ones and i used to use it untill it mysteriously broke at FOA schwarts in NYC last dec. I have 2 black ones. 1 is ripped apart and placed in my trooper helmet, and headset glued into place...now to find a spot for mounting 6 AA's and using a 9v doesnt kick out enough amps. I also paid about 12 bucks for my first one, but decided i need a second couldnt find one, some i bought one off of Chris Bartlett, he always seems to have some, and fast shipping, and a great guy to deal with. I've gotten most of my soft parts from him.
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