*Very* Quick Jetpack Question - Tube Diameter

Bob A Feet

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Hey everyone,

I've been gathering materials and managed to get some cardboard tubes for my (eventual) jetpack build.

Looking at the designs on Thingiverse by stormtrooperguy, it seems like the side tubes are 3" diameter and the middle one is 4", correct?

I picked up 12 tubes total: 4x3", 4x4", and 4x6", each in ~36" length.

Do I need the 6" tubes for anything Boba-wise? All the tubes were free, so it was really a matter of what was easy to grab, and the tubes were nested inside eachother.

If there's no reason for me to hang onto the 6" tubes I'll probably recycle them, but I wanted to confirm first.


Bob A Feet

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My parts were modeled to fit the 7cs fiberglass jet pack body. The sizing wasn’t based on any existing tube or screen dimension.
For sure.

I pulled up your cap models in Cura to get a rough idea on the diameters. Then, some Googling showed people would build jetpacks using cardboard shipping tubes. Seems like the most common sizes are 2", 3", and 4", so I just ran with it.

As far as I know, there's no reason to keep any 6" diameter tubes on hand for a jetpack build, and I can't think of any Boba-related use for them.

Bob A Feet

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In case anyone comes across this thread in the future, it seems like using 3" diameter shipping tubes (3.22" OD in my case) is just too large for the side tubes. The 4" tubes I picked up (4.27" OD) might be OK for the body or even the main tube, depending on what scale you decide to go with (15" - 17").

According to wizardofflight, the top center tube has an OD of 3.5" (3" SCH40 PVC), the main body is 4 5/16" (~4" PVC), and the side tubes are 2 9/16" (2" PVC).

I also looked at the 3D model by RafalFett and took some measurements. Center tube (not the body) is about 3.9" and the sides are 2.9". This is for a ~16.5" jetpack.