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hey guys. i received a magazine in the mail from a costume/ prop site. i had bought some stuff from them, and so they send me magazines every month. anyway, i was looking through it, and i saw a thing on a voice changer. you can change your voice to a robot, monster, or something like those, or, you can amplify your own voice. i bought one from them, and it only caust me $12.93 shipped. i haven't received it yet, it was suppost to come today but, it didn't...maybe it arrived in B'ham today, but, anyway, hopefully, i will have it by friday. but, the site, is: go to the search box, and type in voice changer. you can read about it. it might be a piece of crap, so...wait to hear back from me, and i'll give you the results....unless you just would like to go ahead and get one for the heck of it. but, anyway, i'll let you guys know how it sounds.
I have one, its not that great to be honest. It's decent if you're just in a small room, but even with the "normal" setting your voice is still very distorted.
I also have it, in fact I have 2 cause the first died on me. As JFJ said they arent very good. Not very loud and the sound isnt clear especially when you're talking from under a helmet. The sound gets all muffled and you cant understand what the user is saying. I've found that the alien voice setting is the most clear but it is still muffled when u speak from under the helmet.
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