Battlefront 1 and 2 voice lines


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Hey everyone!
I've been working on a re-painted post starlacc Fett costume that I can wear to school and I've had my eye on different audio setups. My plan is to make a sound glove using an MP3 module I found on eBay which allows me to play 4 sounds per 4 buttons (I believe its 4 sounds per button.) in conjunction with a wired mic connected to a portable amplifier. I've ran into a bit of a roadblock however, I need to borrow some Temuera Morrison voice lines from Battlefront 1 (2015) and Battlefront 2 (2017) and haven't been able to find any to download online, links in forums here lead to dead or unusable links due to age I assume.

This is my first badass costume and I really want to have a lot of fun in my senior year of high school, If there is interest I may post a build thread :)

Thanks in advance!
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