Vent Screens--another walmart discovery


New Hunter
I decided I'd cut out the vents in the back of my helmet to get a bit more airflow. I had heard of using window screen repair kits to cover up the vent holes, but the lowes only sold massive sheets for around 15 bucks. Needless to say, I went to find something else. I got an idea in my head and headed to wally world. Now I know everyone here has at least seen bacon fried before. . . you remember that screen you put over the pot to keep from getting jacked by the hot grease? Aaaah yes, and for only 5 bucks I found my new vent covers. They form fit perfectly, kept shape, and stuck with a little bit of hot glue. Pics attached. Thought I'd share. Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving.

Picture 016.jpg

Picture 015.jpg

Picture 013.jpg
that looks really good from the outside. You said you cut them out for better airflow, but the photo from the inside looks like any airflow is blocked by that foil like thing. Can air still flow? Or is that just there to keep the screen adhered til the glue is done drying?
There are tiny holes in the screen. . . I can feel some air movement when I'm walking, especially outside if there is a nice breeze. Works just like when you have your house window open but still have the bug screen attached. Air still gets through.

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