Types of helmets available..


I did some searching and cruising of the boards, and have a question based on that first pass.

I know the sticky topic says.. for a helmet, go to eBay.

My question is this:

What are the different types of helmets that I see out there on ebay, and which are better than others? There are lots of terms thrown around that I can't quite make heads nor tails of. DP 95 , DP 97, etc. I know DP = Don Post, I got that much. :)

On ebay they don't list them with such nice little labels.. they all claim to be the best you can get, and all seem to be labeled Deluxe, regardless of the actual quality..

I am doing a custom, so I don't actually need a dented helmet, so I've been looking at the Jango helmets. Are there quality differences between the various offerings of Janbo buckets?
How many commercial Jango offerings are there?

I am going to be a budget fett, using cintra, etc. So I can't afford the SWEET fan molded ones, I definitly want to go on the cheap, but I don't want crap.

So if I can get some basic knowledge, I'll know which auctions I want to pursue..

Thanks in advance..

For the most bang for your buck, I'd go with a 96 DP. That is the year it was made, & be sure to ask the seller what year is stamped on the back of the helmet, not the box. The 95 DP is a little better in quality, but they tend to go for much higher prices. There are also some nice 95 recasts available for around the $100 mark occasionally on ebay. The seller is also a member here & if you do a little digging you'll find him.
IMO, the best bang for your buck is with a 95 DP recast. Since it's fiberglass it won't warp, and it's already been modified to have more flare. So what you get is the best looking helmet based on a regular DP at an affordable price ($100). Heck, original 95 DP's sell on ebay for $100 quite often. If you really have the money, there are some awesome fan sculpted movie accurate helmets out there that are in the $300 range.
Heres a basic listing of stuff you can get...

Ruby Jango- looks like a floppy pancake

Ruby Jango deluxe - same as above.... slightly better paint job i think

Don Post 1997 - you can get a good one, but they tend to warp really easy and you end up with "anteater fett" :)

DP 96 - probably you best bet... not as prone to warping as the 97 and cheaper than the exorbant prices being charged for 95's

DP 95 - Good flare, not bad warping, overall a pretty solid helmet (not perfect of course)

fiberglass recast of any of the above - good side is... since its FG it won't warp but if the helmet used to make the mold had warpage its not gonna be all that great so watch out.

Custom sculpted helmet - you don't really need one for a custom fett, but these babies are worth every red cent you lay down for em.

Thats about all I can think of right now :)
LMK if you want a custom FG Jango helmet.

(shameless plug)

There's a thread going on over at Jango's place about one...started by Mirax...

Facing the fact that no helmet available at ebay will ever be authentic to the real thing - I am planning to build my bucket from scratch.

Does anybody know which normal-life-helmet might be suitable for starting off with as a basis? I am looking for a biker's helmet or something like that, around which I could add all the other parts of the mask.

Anybody an idea?
MMM would be a good guy to talk to.

His bucket is all metal, but, I believe he used an old WW2 helmet as the base to start with.

I'm sure he'll chime in . . . . he's never far! :)

MMM hasn´t chimed in yet.... oh, well....

Would anyone like to PM me a good lead on either a FG or a DP96 Boba Helmet?

Don´t be afraid of me, folks, I`M NOT from Lucasfilm.... I wish I were, though!:)

I go by Lin-Si-Tar Konnair on the RPF, where many of you come from too....

and I`d like to have PM´d to me info on .... dang, ALL of Boba´s suit....

May the Force be with you guys and girls!

Hey, he's here! Sorry, kiddos, I haven't been coming to "helmet" for a while.

Yeah, I made one (just posted in the other thread on making one), and it's most likely going to be a one-of-a-kind. Lots of work. I made it from metal.

I think the best suggestions are those that come from our very own friends here so far.

Being uber-critical on the most infinitesimal details on any Fett outfit will serve no good. Proportions, fading, manufacturing techniques, material, etc., will NEVER be the same as the original. There are some incredible fan-Fetts running around here, and to even intimate that they can be better when the critic hasn't even started theirs is both presumptuous and preposterous.
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