Toe Darts ... they're killing me !!


O K boys & girls .... I have managed to make the Darts and make the bracket/bar ( though as you can see they need to be cut off at the side ) but here is where I'm stuck . 1st , I cant figure out how to cut those darts on angle which by the way has to be exact. I tried dremel , I tried hacksaw .... I even tried my belt & disk sander ( by the way when aluminum heats up MAN , it heats up fast !! I now have 2 blisters to prove it ) which is very difficult to grind on an extreme angle by hand especially as how the dart at this is so small and impossible to hang onto without loosing or sanding a finger ..OUCH !! 2nd , how do I attach ( assuming I/we figure out the angle thing ) the dart to the bar ( which is on an extreme angle ) securely .I have ( thinking out loud ) a tap to thread the dart... locTite to secure it . But what about the angle? The screw cant go in straight ...How do I drill the hole in the bar ( again on an angle ) to take the machine screw ? HELP !!! I've come to the people .... take it away !!!





Fettism said:
I have ( thinking out loud ) a tap to thread the dart... locTite to secure it . But what about the angle? The screw cant go in straight ...How do I drill the hole in the bar ( again on an angle ) to take the machine screw ?


drill the hole in the spike before making the angle?
Saw it with a hacksaw, and file it up afterwords? ITs aluminum so a good blade should slice threw it easily. Grab the parts with some locking pliers or a vice.
As for attaching them, welding would be my first choice. Second, Home Depot sells Aluminum solder the can be used with a propane torch. Third, would be JB weld, drill and tap the backside of the darts and use a counter sunk screw and a washer. The washer should keep the dart from pulling through and the JB weld will hold the dart in place.

If your Home Depot doesn't have the AL solder check out this site

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O K I have a tap and have drilled a hole through the center for 1 1/2" I will try the hacksaw again .And a little filing . I have small machine screw and something called LocTite to stop screws from coming loose . What is a dowel rod ? How do you guys hold this freakin thing tight ( with out damage ) so you can cut the angle . Also once it is cut ( now very small ) how does one hold it ( without damage ) to file it down?

O K this is really frustrating . Maybe I need this dowel rod ( what is that ) is that just a threaded rod . As you can see ( and this is just a rough working model ) I have my dart , my bar and I did tap into the back of the dart ... however ... the screw head is way to big and I figure I need a pin or 2nd screw to stop the dart from moving around . I tapped into the dart on a slight angle because there is not enough dart on the other side to screw into if you go straight .Does anyone have any pictures of the back where the screw or dowel goes in ?



dowel rod is just a rod made of wood or metal you can get them at any HD or lowes. But your coming along just fine it looks good.
I was told by the guy at Home Depot that a rivet would not do well going into a blind hole ..... what ever that means. He said it would tend to loosen up .I'll try countersinking the bracket and getting a smaller screw and maybe grind down the screw head after its in .

He means the rivet will pull out because there is nothing for the male part of the rivet to exspand around when you tighten it up. I would use a small screw smaller than your using and JB weld the threads into the spike.
OK... update .... finally I think I've got it .This was not supposed to be this difficult !! Keep in mind this is my proto type and it's all banged up and chewed so dont laugh . I think by tomorrow or Wednesday you will see a clean final version with screw heads ground down or more countersunk .I will take some final measurements and get to it tomorrow ... too tired now .




O K time for an update . They are 90% complete .A couple of holes in the side to attach them to the boot . I might file the tips a wee bit and hollow them out a wee bit and i think that's it . Now ... What is the best way to attach these babies to the boot ? The sole seems kinda soft . I see from ref pics it appears to be bolts . I may re-shape the toe of the boot ... to be a little more square .Should I use some kind of bondo or glue in conjunction with bolts ? I check the fit on the boot and it looks as if the darts might clip the floor as one walks so I want to make sure these wont shift or roll up on the toe of the boot. Anyone ?.................


Copy of 2-Spikes2angles.JPG

Copy of Spikes-comp -FRT.JPG
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