Time for my introduction my armor


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Of course I have to start with what I'm missing. Toe spikes, belt pouches, and chest display lights.

I still have some weathring to do on the vest shoes and gloves. Any pointers on these?

I am taking it to comic con though anyway.




Wow! You did a good job. In regards to weathering the boots ... I just did this two days ago, so I can give you a hand with it if you need help. Lookin forward to seein' that at the Con!:cheers
Find a way to fix or cover the big gap between the kidney armor and the cod piece.

Is the girth belt there or is it missing?
I'd say put some foam or something in those hip pouches to make them more blocky. Or you need a quick fix, DVD cases!
AHHHH looks great.And yeah those boots and gloves need to be dirtied up.
That is some good lookin armor you got there. wink wink nudge nudge
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