ROTJ Hero - The Build so far


So this build had originally started as a Mythos variant. After completing my Mythos suit I realized that it was so close to the ROTJ hero that I would only have to swap out a few bits here and there to do it. Sooo a few months later I had gathered the small parts I needed. List of parts & Vendors below.

Helmet w. Metal ears & borden - Minutefett / Painted by Nixfx
Armor - Ord Mantell / Maker unknown
Gauntlets - Man of War
Vest - Man of War
Neckseal - Man of War
Flightsuit - Bobamaker
Gloves - Bobamaker
Boots - Man of War
Toe spikes - Machinecraft Replicas
Belt - Delta Leatherworks
Hip pouches / spats - Handmade Horror Shop on etsy
Girth belt - Woodman
Braids - Woodman
Jetpack / Paint up - Man of War
Shin tools - found parts (Ebay)

So far I still have to mount the braids to the vest and dirty up the flak vest a tad to get rid of that bright white lol. No shot of the Jetpack or gloves on since I was getting suited up solo. I will post more photos when I have assistance!


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