The first fully Archive-X Fett Helmet paint up


This is very cool that the original colors are as closely matched as they're probably every going to be!
It looks great!
For me, because of the unreliability of color changes, discontinuations, companies going out of business, etc, I took all the spray can and bottled colors I used to make my ROTJ, and painted physical swatch cards with them, and took them to a local auto body custom paint shop, had them matched and entered into the PPG database they use as my own custom colors, so at any time, I can call them up and get a bottle of touch up made for either hand brush, or airbrush, ( if I ever get the gumption to step up to that), or just another fullsized spray can.
As I was experimenting with different colors, or mixing them to find what I wanted, I just got tired of looking for colors in the stores that aren't there, or in Tamiya's case, they don't make anything bigger than those little a** spray cans.
Plus, if this shop ever goes out of business, I can take those PPG codes anywhere and have them reproduced.
What I'm saying I guess is, that once you find the colors you like, have them matched somewhere so you don't have to worry about " they stopped making that color?!?!?" :)