TDH Search Plugin for Firefox- UPDATED

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Not sure how many members will get much use out of this, but users of Mozilla-based browsers (e.g. Netscape 7, Mozilla , Mozilla Firefox , and Beonex ) may install TDH's Search plugin to allow forum searches straight from the browser without having to visit TDH; it works exactly the same as Mozilla's integrated Google search.

On Mozilla 1.x, you can access plugins via the Sidebar or the Location Bar. On Mozilla Firefox (formerly known as Firebird), you use the search box on the toolbar. The Mozilla Dev website has screenshots and further information on using search engine plugins.

Visit the "TDH Tools" section of the FAQ for the installation link (the forum doesn't not allow inline javascript)

You'll be prompted if you want install the file; click "yes." That's it! Select "TDH Search" from your drop-down list and input your search terms. Note: some users may have to close and restart their browser for the plugin to intialize.

If you have questions or issues regarding the plugin or its installation, please PM or email me.
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I just installed it on Firefox 1.0.2 that I am running in Linux and it runs great!

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You're welcome! After reading the tutorial on the Moz Dev website, I figured it wouldn't be too hard to have our own integrated search plugin. Gotta love open-source extensibility. :)
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EDIT: Nevermind i got it. After the 4th try the screenshot page finally loaded and i found where it is.... Very cool

After you install this where is it supposed to show up? I got firefox 1.0.3 and it shows i installed it, asked if i want to use it i said yes then nothing has changed. Where is this drop down that says tdh search??

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Sweet feature. Thanks for making this STICKY :D or I would never have known about it.

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Upgrading to Firefox 1.5 removed the search bar option. Error 404 message on the link.

Is there some place else this might be found again.

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The Firefox upgrade coupled with the board upgrade broke the TDH search plugin. However, I have updated the plugin and the board links, and everything is working correctly again.

I highly recommend that anyone using the plugin installs the updated version, as the old plugin will not work.

I believe you can overwrite the exsisting plugin by reclicking the install link.
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