Search Functionality Improved

Art Andrews

Community Founder
Community Staff
We have implemented an add-on that greatly improves search functionality for the site in several ways:

Search Bar Auto Complete
When you type in the search bar you will see suggestions based on what you have typed so far.

Similar Threads During Thread Creation
When creating a new thread, you will be provided potentially similar threads as the title is being created. Maybe someone else has already created a similar thread and it would be better to post in there thread instead of create a new thread.

Similar Threads List at Bottom of Thread
This is something we had before. At the bottom of a thread page you will find a list of potentially similar threads

Suggestions/"Did You Mean" Functionality
There are two different "Did You Mean" features. One type is used when your search has results but there is a more popular, similar, term. This can lead to better results. It also helps reduce typos. The other type is for when there are no results for your search. You will be presented with a list of similar terms.

Post Areas
There is a new tab in your user profile titled "Areas." Here is a list of the top 5 forums you have posted in and your post count in each. (This one is still a WIP)


Well-Known Hunter
I like idea 2 a great deal. Quite often I'd prefer a necro thread than a whole new thread to say the same thing, or much the same thing, especially as RafalFett will often simply link an older, better, thread in the replies.