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  1. KenChan

    KenChan Member

    So I guess I can officially be added to the 1313 Fett build people, lol. Here are some of the Concept art photos that have been released on this version of Boba.

    4-sanitize.jpg 5-sanitize.jpg 9-sanitize.jpg 1265954_10202060565985372_41011622_o.jpg original.jpg

    I have on order a few parts already, most should be here around chistmas,
    CC Dentless Boba Fett helmet - Animefan
    CC Knees- Cruzer-
    Flak vest - Batninja
    Jetpack- FettSeven
    The remaining parts, gauntlets, leather vest parts, belts/holsters, blasters etc... are all being made by me. I was originally planning on making everything but the helmet myself but the first Con I want to get this all done for is at the end of March, so I needed to take some of the load off my plate, lol.

    I've already done a lot of work on the DL44 blaster. It was built on a Denix C96. Flash hider is a 2nd from DEC's run that I cold blued. Bull barrel was machined on the lathe by me. Rear sight was removed for the wire. The rest of the parts are all extras from a Revell visible V8 that I had lying around. Whole thing was then painted a semi gloss black and weathered with Floquil. I'm pretty happy with how its come out, though I still want to add the grill on the front. Just gotta figure out the best way to do it. This sucka already weighs around 3lbs lol.
    1313 Blaster2.jpg 1313 Blaster 3.jpg
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  2. Tone19

    Tone19 New Member

    Can't wait to see the pics! (y)
  3. Cruzer

    Cruzer Well-Known Member

    Blaster looks great!
  4. KenChan

    KenChan Member

    Started on the metal parts while I'm waiting for other things to show up. Jetpack hooks are all set for the sheet metal guy to bend up, and the knee darts are roughed to the outer most diameter. Using RafalFett's awesome plans for all these parts. There will be three different style knee darts for this build. Two like the one on the upper right for the left knee, one like the upper left, and another like the one on the upper left but half the size.
    I was going to machine the two gauntlet rockets out of Aluminum and a Brass or Bronze alloy with a high copper content for the nice orange color, but I found a rod of Black ABS stock I forgot I had stashed away that's the right size, so for now they are going to be either entirely or mostly machined from that to save cash. I can always make a nice metal set as an upgrade at a later date.

  5. KenChan

    KenChan Member

    Chugging along on the metal parts. Knee darts are done. Jetpack stabilizer is about 90% done. Next will be the beacon and then the rockets.

    Knee Darts and Stabilizer.jpg
  6. RafalFett

    RafalFett Active Member

    The build looks great so far! Keep it up like this!
  7. KenChan

    KenChan Member

    Snow is falling so I made the cape today. In most concept photos he doesn't seem to have one, while in others he does, but its a feature I've always liked. Decided to go with the Jedi style cape, made out of a US half shelter, though I may take the artistic licence and airbrush a dark grey or black stripe down the center, similar to the ESB style cape. But as it is I'm really pleased with how it came out. :)

  8. KenChan

    KenChan Member

    Ok, so now that I'm on winter break this thread will be getting lots of updates over the next month.
    The Batninja vest came in, and so I've begun working on the armor, starting with the backplate. I originally was going to use WOF's template for the backplate, but decided instead to alter a damaged FPv3 backplate for my purposes.

    Based on the ref photos, the vest itself appears to be longer than the standard vest we are used to. As such I had the vest made a couple inches longer to reflect this, in addition to me standing at 6'2. The backplate needed to be extended to accommodate for the longer vest so I cut it along a line I drew and have extended it by about 2.25". I need to order some 3mm styrene to fill in the gap and once thats done it will be covered with a black leather.

    1313 ref backplate.jpg rsz_img_2338.jpg rsz_img_2340.jpg
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  9. Tone19

    Tone19 New Member

    The cape looks great Ken.

    So you're going to sport an 'armored' back plate with just the blk leather harness for the front?

    Everything looks good bud! (y)
  10. KenChan

    KenChan Member

    Jumping all over the place on this project, but thats how it goes, lol. Got the Gaunt top masters roughed out over the last 24 hrs... I think I don't ever want t see plastic card again... These were made using WOF's templates with minor customization.
    rsz_img_2350 (1).jpg

    Thanks man! I've actually done a lot of thinking on that one. What I think I'm going to do is I may make a solid, slip in core for the abdomen section made of sintra to help that section keep its shape during trooping. Haven't really figured out the collar section of the armor yet though. In the next few weeks I should have something put together though.
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  11. KenChan

    KenChan Member

    Got the backplate more or less done and covered with leather. Just gotta add the mounts for the straps.. Shoulder bells were made using Sintra
    IMG_2416.JPG IMG_2419.JPG IMG_2420.JPG
    Cruzers stuff also came in. Worked on the knees during the Snowpocalypse we had last night.. Had to heat them up with a heat gun in order to get them to warp enough to fit me. Weathering is done with Floquil "Weathered Black"

    Knee Armor 1.jpg Knee Armor 2.jpg rsz_img_2433.jpg
  12. Manbrolorian

    Manbrolorian New Member

    VERY nice! I can't wait to see how this progresses. :D
  13. Darth Voorhees

    Darth Voorhees Well-Known Member

    This is looking awesome!
  14. PunisherFett

    PunisherFett New Member

    looks great, you have captured my intrest!!
  15. Cruzer

    Cruzer Well-Known Member

    Looking good!
  16. BobasDent1138

    BobasDent1138 Member

    Looks great so far!
  17. KenChan

    KenChan Member

    I've actually made some changes to what I'm doing. Shortened the vest back to normal size, along with the back plate. as well as a few other parts. I'll post a decent update when I can get a chance.
  18. bcurtis

    bcurtis Active Member

    Any updates?
  19. Syper

    Syper Member

    We demand more pics! lol great work Brother
  20. KenChan

    KenChan Member

    Lol, yeah, I got some updates. Not a whole lot as I'm still waiting on some major parts to show up, but I can snap some photos tomorrow.
  21. KenChan

    KenChan Member

    So this is more or less where my build stands while I'm waiting for the final parts to come in.

    I started work on the belts. From the concept photos there looks to be 3 in total. The Ammo Belt, Some mystery black belt underneath that, and what I think was the artists interpretation of the Girth belt. So far I have the ammo belt started, I made 5 pouches in total, even though only 3-4 can be seen in the photos, but they are all removable so I can drop some any time. I havent done any sewing on the pouches as I don't think I see any in the concept photos, but I do see some on the belt itself and the items that go on the left side which I have yet to make.

    What looks to be a red "sash", if you will, is what I feel is the artists interpretation of the girth belt he likely saw while looking at ref photos of Fett for inspiration. So I decided to go with one of the Mohair girth belts from Horseloverz. I dyed it with the latex stain method, (Spice) and It came out great for a Jedi belt, but I kind of want it to look a little "Newer" if that makes any sense, so I grabbed some "Fruit Punch" colored stain today to try out on it in an attempt to put more red in the belt.

    Fingerless gloves. Got them on ebay from a company called Kursheuel. Still have to weather the hell out of them, but they should do just fine.

    Here's where the gauntlets stand atm. The tops are more or less done. Just have to build the bottom shells and then I can start work on the flame thrower units. The rockets are about 80% done and were made out of bronze and ABS plastic. When the shells are complete, I plan to make fiberglass copys so they are more solid.

    FettSeven Jetpack also came in. I'm really torn on what paintjob to go with on this thing. I could do Jango, Rotj, ESB or even a custom job, but I just cant make up my mind. The Jango/ROTJ paintjobs do kind of go better with what armor colors are on the suit, but I personally have never been a fan of the ROTJ pack, and yet and undamaged Jango pack wouldn't fit with the rest of the heavily weathered armor. lol. Any votes for the paintob?

    OK so here's everything together pretty much. The helmet on the mannequin is a MR and is a stand in for the time being till it's replacement comes in. I've decided to go with one of animefans lovely dentless Boba helmets instead of the equally lovely BKBT. The reason for the change in helmet was because the more I looked at the ref photos, even though the helmet's painted in the same colors as Jango's helmet, the overall shape of certain things, the visor opening being the most prominent of them, look much more like a Boba Helmet than the jango helmet IMO.

    I also started working on the chest armor by making a prototype out of 3mm craft foam. I'm really interested to hear people's opinions on this belly piece. This is actually the third version of this piece I've made, and while I'm pretty happy with its overall shape I'm not sure if the overall size of the piece is too big or small, or perfect as is. Its tough for me to tell as I have yet to make the collar section.
    I also started work on the bandoleer, and have taken photos with and without it to try and give something in the photos to compare the belly piece with size wise.
    With the bandoleer

    Without the bandoleer







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  22. Ghostrider

    Ghostrider Member

    Looking great so far, really glad I found this thread :)

    As for as the jetpack colors I would personally do it in Jango's scheme but weather it more in line with the 1313 concept art like the helm. I would also do the rocket in ROTJ colors weathered but not as much. Looking forward to seeing more of this build.
  23. KenChan

    KenChan Member

    Thanks! I think you're right. I may go with a Jango, or less damaged ROTJ paint job.
  24. Metadude

    Metadude Member

    Looking VERY nice! Can't wait to see it finished :3
  25. KenChan

    KenChan Member

    So I've been doing a lot of thinking on this jet pack paint job, and I'm starting to lean towards a totally custom paint job. I'm thinking a mostly blue pack (think ESB but blue) with lvl 1313 painted on one of the tank walls would be pretty cool looking. I may still go with a less damaged ROTJ paint job like the one seen in the archive though. We'll see what happens.
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