Boba Fett Custome from SW 1313


New Hunter
Hi everyone!!!
Let me introduce myself. Im Javi from Spain, big fan of starwars and of big fan of THE bonty hunter, aka Boba Fett.
As you know few years ago the game SW 1313 was cancelled (why Disney, Why?!!!!!) but at least the concepts arts of the game remains and when i saw some people buildiing their own customes based on the concepts art i decided to give a try and build my own. Hope you like it ;)

19983691_10155420271824484_6853583823397196703_o.jpg 20024032_869004833257067_4359087449895523776_o.jpg

Still needs some weathering and i think the helmet is too big, dont know xD

I will try to post how i made each part of the custom in details soon. I have to find the pics i made during the building.

If you have any question about the costume i will be happy to answer it. See ya! And sorry about my english xD
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