Boba 1313 (Concept art by Gus Mendonca)


When I first saw Gus' concept work for the 1313 Fett, it was one of my dream builds, but was in the middle of my Jango so I set it aside. After I got approved for 501st, the slow work began. I started this build after the 2018 San Diego Comic Con. I didn't really keep a good record of things since I just did bits and pieces along the way. It finally came together at Wondercon 2019 and brought it to Star Wars Celebration Chicago. I have most of the build pics scattered all over my instagram pics/stories at thebboyfett, go give me a follow and see what other crazy things I'm up to. I tried loading some build pics here but for some reason many of them kept saying "The uploaded file was not an image as expected", oh well... go to my IG if you wanna see. I thought my build was ok, probably not the best I can do... kinda rushed to get it done for Wondercon and Celebration, but what made me proud of my work is that Gus Mendonca, the concept artist behind my inspiration said I did it more than justice. I mean, I don't know what to say after that. Before anybody asks... I'm not doing any commissions on this but I would love to provide any advice that I can for anyone who is thinking about making one.

I used a non-dented cold cast helmet from Cruzer and used the Jango knees I already had from my Jango kit. I painted the helmet myself
Flight suit -sewed myself
Vest -myself
Leather shoulder -myself
Leather belt -myself
Bandolier -myself
Shoulder bells made of syntra
Boots -not sure who the maker is, but I bought it off eBay from a guy selling it in the UK.
Rifle -EE3 by Aprilstorm. I modified it by 3D modeling some pieces to turn it into a long-range sniper rifle. Unforunately it broke at Celebration when someone was helping me remove it from the bandolier. It's holding together with super glue currently... I need to put a rod through it.

Gus.JPEG Wondercon.JPG Fettastic.JPEG Shoulder.JPEG IMG_1748.jpg IMG_1747.jpg
One of my favorite pics from Chicago. I took my bucket off for proof that I was standing next to 1313 Fett. Great job on your build bro. And sorry again about your blaster. Was a brutal thing to see and was close to shedding a tear for it.



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I am in the process of building a 1313 version as we speak, based on yours and of course the concept picture in question.

BTW, PM sent.