Superjedi's SE for Mandomiggs


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Helmet number 50?? Helmet number 50!! :D
Yes, I'm beginning another SE helmet build for Mandomigs. This one is an MF kit and it arrived with some additional bling! We've got a set of machined aluminum ears from RS Props, and a metal Borden piece from Elstree. Nice!
Mandomigs was very industrious and did the prep on the helmet before he sent it my way. He also pre-assembled the RF and fit the ears. :cool:
So all I really had to do was drill out the molded-in Borden and then get on to the fun stuff... painting!
Here's how the kit arrived the other day.


Here's what it looks like now.

20210112_144304.jpg 20210112_144356.jpg

Much more to come!
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Fantastic stuff as always Eric! Helmet no. 50??! That back panel detail is some of my favourite areas on the ESB bucket...Actually, those red mandibles are rather good too...nah actually...the whole helmet :lol:
I've been meaning to ask you this for some time -- are you planning on getting a set of the Archive-X acrylics to try out once they're finally released? I'm so excited to experiment with those! I definitely need to get myself a set to go along with my Floquil and Polly Scale collection! (y)


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I do plan on getting a few of the Archive-X acrylics. I've been waiting a long time for them to be released! I know, so have a lot of people. ;)
I read somewhere that Guy is planning to sell them with a minimum order of 5 bottles. That suits me fine, as there are about 4 or 5 colors I'm interested in trying.


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Speaking of messy... I've started adding the black gunk all over the left side of the dome. There will be some more, but what remains overlaps the killstripes, so I'll add it after those are painted.

20210122_105727.jpg 20210122_105706.jpg


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Still working on the left side of the dome. With the imprints of the damage preserved in the surface, I can do many of the tiny chips around the killstripes before I even paint them on. So cool!

20210123_164059.jpg 20210123_164039.jpg