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How about a splash of color!
I got the killstripes on this afternoon. Now I can finish the rest of the damage on the left side of the dome.

20210125_103451.jpg 20210125_182740.jpg

20210125_182711.jpg 20210125_182650.jpg


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When you mask off for your kill stripes do you make them all the same size? If so what size do you make them?
The Rafal templates seem that the first couple of stripes are slightly slimmer (1mm or so) than the other stripes when measured, but I don't know if I'm seeing that correctly or if it is a product of printing the templates.


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On these helmets cast from the original, a lot of the paint layers and little chips and stuff are captured in the surface. I just use those marks to define the edges of the stripes. They're not all a consistent width though.


50th helmet is an amazing accomplishment. I painted my jet pack and boots but commissioned the painting of my gauntlets and paid for the painted armor from boba maker. I am nowhere near ready to tackle a helmet. Someday perhaps.


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As I do with a few other sections of the helmet, I break each mandible into upper and lower areas. It's just my preference. I feel like doing it this way allows me to focus on each area.
Here's the lower portion of the left mandible.



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Before really getting into the crazy right mandible, I took a little time to work on the metal ears. This is a set from RS Props and they're very nicely made. (y)
I scuffed up the portions that will receive paint, masked off the parts to remain bare metal, and hit the ears with some self-etching primer.

20210206_102418.jpg 20210206_102403.jpg

I'll let the primer dry for about 48 hours before hitting the ears with the base colors.


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As I mentioned before, I like to break up the mandibles into upper and lower areas. I got the upper area done on the right mandible. Whew! o_O There are a whole lot of scratches and tiny chips in this section!


Here's a collage showing how the detail is built using the topical technique.