Superjedi's SE for Budafett


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I love watching the red band and the mandibles come together! In your paint up thread on my ESB FPH2 it was my favorite part!


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And now it's even more seriouser. :p

I worked on the left half of the brow.


Before moving on to the right side of the brow, I went back and did a couple of the effects.
First, here are the white thumbprints.


Next, I applied some putty to add dimensional detail to the crack repair. Here it is after paint.


The ESB helmet is such a mess!


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Thanks very much!

We continue to close in on the final look. Here's the upper section of the right mandible. It's one of the most detailed areas on the whole helmet. I need to rest my eyeballs now. :D

The collage pic shows how I build the detail using the topical method.

20200525_155603.jpg 20200525_155742.jpg