Superjedi's SE for Budafett


Sr Hunter
Hi all you Fett heads!
Told you it wouldn't be long before I would be back.
I'm starting ESB/SE number 43. This one will be for Budafett. Or are you still Rnbuda? I can't keep track anymore, lol.
The helmet is from Wasted Fett and is the usual excellent quality. The accessories include crisp resin ears, a multi part RF assembly with a red simulated LED insert, and an aluminum stalk. It also includes hardware to attach the ears, which I've already installed as you can see in the pics.
Much more to come on this one!

20200424_212311.jpg 20200424_212232.jpg 20200424_212213.jpg 20200424_212156.jpg


Sr Hunter
Well, then here's your second favorite back panel. ;)

I got the big scrape done. I love this section, even if painting it makes me go cross eyed.

20200428_174958.jpg 20200428_174919.jpg

I'll work on the remaining parts of the right panel next.


Sr Hunter
Hi Levi,
I have to say that I modified your stencils a bit when I first downloaded them a few years ago. So I can't really say how well the original ones fit.


Sr Hunter
Thanks, Buda!
Here's the next stage... green! I masked the rear panels and airbrushed the dome and cheeks.
Since the majority of the SE damage appears on the dome, I'll quote a certain smuggler: "Here's where the fun begins." ;)

20200501_173425.jpg 20200501_173403.jpg

I'm also working on a set of Machinecraft Replicas metal ears for another customer, so I painted the white arch on the SE ear at the same time.