Superjedi's MCR-ESB for D. Smith


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I airbrushed the main green on the dome and cheeks. Once this dries I can start adding the damage. That's where the fun begins!

20220402_062715.jpg 20220402_062652.jpg


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Gotta do something while the helmet is drying!
I did some minimal prep on the metal ears and then hit them with a couple of light coats of self-etching primer.
One thing I had to do was make sure the parts that will remain bare metal are nice and smooth. The upper ear in particular had some swirly looking scratches, so I used some fine grit sandpaper to work them away.

20220402_164302.jpg 20220402_162016.jpg 20220402_161927.jpg


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Me me me, I'm here! I have seen you paint so many of these, but to see mine, knowing it will soon be making it's way to me is surreal :) It looks awesome, I love following your progress.

As an aside, converting this thing back to an ESB version really tested me, but I think it would be a lot easier if I ever had to do it again. Looking forward to more pics. Keep up the great work!