Superjedi's MCR-ESB for CDYoung


Sr Hunter
The RF ear cap is finished now. (y)



Sr Hunter
Number 48 is finished! (y)
The SE has always been my favorite version of the helmet, and these lineage castings build up into beautiful replicas. Very glad that these have made their way to the TDH community!
It's certainly a lot of work painting one of these, but the results are worth it.

Here's a group of completed pics.

20201116_164128.jpg 20201116_164440.jpg

The profile views.

20201116_164205.jpg 20201116_164416.jpg

The rear areas.

20201116_164237.jpg 20201116_164351.jpg

Thanks for following along with the paint up! The helmet will be on its way to CDYoung soon.