Superjedi's MCR-ESB for CDYoung


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Beginning the brow area. Here's the corner of the visor with the messy crack repair. :)

20201107_091603.jpg 20201107_091540.jpg


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When I work on the right mandible, I like to break it up into upper and lower areas. The upper area has the most detail, and it really helps nail down the look of Fett's "face." So getting it done is a relief! :)

20201109_174942.jpg 20201109_174923.jpg

Here's a collage showing how I build the detail in three main passes.


I'll work on the lower section next.


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Are you going to paint silver on the metal ears for the big scratches or are you going to scratch the paint. I'm talking about the bottom of the ear, with bigger area of metal showing through.


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Detailed the Borden piece while the ears are drying.
I begin by gluing the Borden onto a piece of black styrene. This blocks any light coming through, as the three holes are drilled all the way through.
Then I mix up a muddy looking wash and just slop it onto the Borden, blotting most of it off to leave it translucent. This gives the appearance of tarnished metal. After that I use a fine brush to add some silver chips.


Here's a closer look.



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I finished the detailing on the lower RF ear part. I used one of my custom dry transfers for the small black markings.


I'll let the upper ear piece and the left ear dry until tomorrow before masking for the black and white arches.
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I enjoyed seeing the Fett gear in the episode! I've always liked the ESB stuff better than ROTJ, but it was very cool to see it.
I think they did a reasonable job making it look like the original ROTJ, but with added Sarlaac damage.
I don't have any plans to paint one though.