Superjedi's Fett family collection


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:) The collection is ever-morphing. I wanted to show a little modification I made this week.
Space is always a consideration for my SW pieces. I have added a new shelf over my TV where my 1/4 scale figures
now reside. I moved the two Detolfs apart in order to try something different. I had an idea about
somehow utilizing the space between them to add a bit more room to display some small items, and I
decided to give magnets a try. I bought three cheap 11 x 14 frames just for the glass. I arranged the
Detolfs so that there is exactly 11 inches of space between them. I then got some small Neodymium
magnets and stuck them onto the inward facing sides of the Detolfs in pairs, one magnet inside the glass
and one outside the glass. Using pairs of magnets enabled me to "float" the shelves in between the


I wanted something inexpensive and non-permanent. If I decide at some point to rearrange my display room, I can
remove the shelves and magnets in two minutes. As you can see, I'm only putting small lightweight items on
these shelves right now. I think at some point I may buy another group of magnets to strengthen the shelves.
I tried putting a Gentle Giant bust on one of them and it sort of slid down. :lol:
But I think this works for what I need.


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Some new additions to the collection. :)

These aren't full sized helmets, but I've been collecting the Gentle Giant busts for a while now and I finally
received the final one that I needed for my display. These are all the "major" Fett busts that GG has come
out with. There's a bronze-tone variant of the smaller "classic" bust (on the center platform below) but I'm
not sure if I'll be collecting any variants at this point. Maybe someday.


The acrylic stand is a piece I picked up at a store display wholesale place when I lived in Tucson, AZ.
It's very cool, and suits the GG busts perfectly!


The four large busts are: McQuarrie prototype, Supertrooper (Convention exclusive), ESB (2003 release), and ROTJ (SDCC exclusive).
Glad to finally have all the boys together in one place! :lol:


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It was made for wedding cake displays, so it was all layers and such, and they would put the trays on each pedestal so you each cake was slightly bigger than the stand.

I still say it is an awesome Star Wars figure matter what my wife says.