Superjedi's Elstree ears for Rubio95


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Hi all you Fett heads!
In between helmet commissions for a couple of weeks but I'm doing a quick ESB paint up on a set of Elstree Precision metal ears.
These pieces are so nice! This is set E4 for Rubio95.
The parts hardly need any prep at all, but I scuff sanded the areas that will be painted. I then masked off the parts to remain bare metal and hit them with a coat of self-etching primer.
I'll let it dry for 48 hours and then shoot the base colors.

20220613_130621.jpg 20220613_130541.jpg

20220613_153350.jpg 20220613_160652.jpg


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Decided to have Superjedi paint them because…he had nothing else to do. I felt bad for him. Seriously. Not because of his skill, experience and unparalleled expertise regarding all things ESB Fett helmet and accessories.


Just felt pity on the poor guy.

Lolol all jokes aside, VERY excited to display them painted in the Elstree case. Good luck, Superjedi!!


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Elstree ear set E4 is all finished!
Here are a few pics along with some comparisons with my personal set of Machinecraft Replicas ears just for fun.

20220620_084056.jpg 20220620_084245.jpg 20220620_084317.jpg

20220620_084504.jpg 20220620_085303.jpg 20220620_085401.jpg