So what the heck happened to the gauntlet switches???


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I'm looking though a lot of the various reference pics from MoM and AoSW...

What the heck happened to all the gauntlet switches? Looks like they've been broken off in almost every pic I've seen.

Anyone got any pics clearly showing the switches and where they go?
I had been wondering the same thing.I thought someone was on the verge of finding the exact ones used on ESB,and presumeably ROTJ also.Did I imagine this?

Well...I know there's a bit of a debate over whether they're toggle switches, rotary switches, or whatever.

But what the hell happened to them on the film costumes? They're either missing or look broken off.

And I can't seem to find any decent pics of the gauntlets on film with the switches intact. :facepalm
The best pics of the switches (at least ESB) are from film stills. Even so, it is difficult to tell exactly what they are. I suspect they might have been indentified already if they were still on the MoM or AoSW gauntlets. I was curious myself as to why those switches were removed or broken off from the tour suits.
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