Superjedi's Elstree Precision Gauntlet Rocket


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Hi all,
I normally post in the helmet forum, but I just finished a personal project and wanted to share with all the Fett heads! :)
Recently I received one of the gauntlet lasers (or rockets if you prefer) from Elstree Precision in England. The piece is excellent and includes a really nice presentation box. Mine is #7.


So shiny! Well, not so much anymore. ;)
I wanted to paint it to match the SE version of the costume seen in the AOSW and MoM exhibit pics. I began by disassembling the piece, which is a snap because it's made in three pieces: the aluminum main body, the copper cone, and the aluminum tip.


I masked off the "fin" area and airbrushed a charcoal gray over it.

20210204_091849.jpg 20210204_091836.jpg

I used a green scratch pad to clean off the surfaces of the fins, leaving the recesses dark.


Using reference pics from the TDH media gallery, I carefully hand painted the chipped surfaces of the fins with flat black.


I used the reference pics to do the same process on the aluminum tip and the rear section of the body.

20210204_202043.jpg 20210205_101441.jpg

For the copper cone, I airbrushed it with the same charcoal gray that I used on the body recesses. Then I gently hit it with a green scratch pad to wear the paint away strategically.


To finish things up, I misted a very thin light gray over the bottom portions of the piece. This misting can be seen in the exhibit pics.

Here's the finished piece. Everything on Fett looks better weathered, don't you think? :D

20210206_112208.jpg 20210206_151449.jpg 20210206_151837.jpg 20210206_152101.jpg 20210206_180204.jpg 20210206_180119.jpg

Thanks for looking!
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