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Making Smoke/Exhaust

Originally posted by Skaught77:

Has anyone rigged their jet pack to emit smoke or exhaust from the jet nozzles?

If not, any thoughts on how to do it? Obviously, not with fire or real smoke. Is there any compressed product that is "clean" - not paint or bug spray - that could be rigged to do this? What about those compressed air cans used for cleaning off computer parts? Do they create a visible mist? Heck - Stick a jug of water in there and have someone dump dry ice in there. You'd smoke for 20 minutes! Afire extinguisher would make hardcore smoke...not the chemical kind!



Originally posted by TK0000:

Fog juice may have somthing that would work. A friend of mine used to sell car alarms that used small bottles of fog juice so if the alarm was triggered it would fill the car with "smoke" to deture criminals. It was awsome in convertables. It sprayed the smoke out at an incredible rate. It leaves no smell. One problem..I can't remember the name of the alarm. Maybe dragon something?
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Originally posted by Skaught77:

Another issue is power. If I didn't need to plug it in, I could use a smoke machine used on stage at concerts. Oh, and it weighs 100 lbs!


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Originally posted by Pantera1889:

I would think that a small Nitrous oxide bottle would create the effect you are looking for.When it is released it makes a powerful mist that would look cool.You could even use the solenoids for automotive systeme to deploy it.
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Originally posted by TK0000:

Maybe some sort of dry ice thing?
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Originally posted by ruadh9978:

Speaking of the nitrous, if it doesn't look cool enough for the backpack, you could easily sell it to high school kids instead.
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Originally posted by Skaught77:

How about running a tube from the helmet to the exhaust and then I could smoke a cigarette and blow through the tube. Besides the fact that a cigarette wouldn't fit in the helmet, and the helmet would be smoking, and I HATE FRIGGIN CIGARETTES - THEY BELONG IN HELL, it might work!


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Originally posted by Spheric Thor:

you could try co2.

<a href=><img src= border=0 alt=>
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Originally posted by TK0000:

What about fireworks, smoke bombs,or bottle rockets?
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Thank you very much!! i was racking my mandalorian brain trying to think something up myself. Definitely interested in pics!! Any prospects for a tutorial on servo activation?
Here's an idea: Couldn't you also incorporate Bright orange/yellow bulbs or LEDs in the thrusters as the "fog" shoots out to make it appear as flames in the thrusters? I think that would give it an even more realistic look. maybe even make the bulbs strobe. Let me know what you think?
I've been kicking the strobe idea around for a while. The trick is the power source since strobes can quickly drain batteries. Do any of you electro-technos have any suggestions?
Aren't there high brightness LEDs out there? Maybe they won't strobe, but there are ways to make them flash rapidily. Two per thruster rapidly flashing might give us the effect.
At the radio shack in my town, they have a blue and red LED that blinks at a rate of somethin like 25 FPS (flashes per second) 2 of those might work. they are around 8 bucks for 1 and the pack
I remember seeing these little lights that flickered like a candle in the wind, but I don't know what they are called. They would probably look cool with the smoke. I'll have to check the hardware store later.

Hey guys, I think I may have struck gold on this one. There was a post last December about some Fetts wanting to rig their 'packs to emit some kind of exhaust.

Well...after an "exhausting" search of my own, I believe I have found something that will work.

I work in the production industry (TV commercials, mainly) and a product we were using on a shoot just yesterday screamed out to me.

It's called "Fantasy X" but is commonly known as "Fog-in-a-Can".

If someone can tell me how to post pics, I'll slap up an image. But for now, just go to -

It's completely oderless and harmless. It just lets out a stream of white fog that quickly dissapates, along with a "whoosh" sound, that is common to all aerosol dispensers.

It would be very easy to rig up a couple of cans of this upside down in your jet pack and activate it with a small wire (similar to a bicycle's caliper brake wire) or even an electric servo with an RF transmitter.

Anyway, I was considering keeping this little gem to myself, but I thought sharing it would be better for all of us in the long-run.

Check it out and tell me what you think!

Fett ya later.
Sweet, I knew there was a reason I set mine up so it could smoke. My jet pack will hopefully be taking up a bad habit pretty soon. :)
Cherry flavored Fett! :)

It looks as big as that guy's arm in the picture. I don't know if I want to carry something that big around. I already rigged my jet pack up so that it *could* smoke, if I put something like that in there, but I don't know about how big it is...
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