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Active Hunter about back to the about 2 blackboard erasers, hold 'em each in one hand and smack 'em together! Now you got some FX smoke happening!
This is going to sound sillier but I think it may stand a possible chance, maybe. Remember train sets that had smoke coming out of the smoke stack? I know the scale of one of those train sets is smaller than the Jet Pack exhaust funnels and possibly won't put out the quantity of smoke expected. I don't know how those trains put out the smoke and I wonder can it be done safely on a little bit larger scale? If so, maybe rig it up to each exhaust nozzle with a hidden computer fan to help blow it out. Maybe, or maybe not?


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I believe those trains actually heat up the smoker liquid that is put in it, but only gives off a puff puff puff as it goes....i think most here will want a WOOOOSSSHHHHHH of smoke....:lol:


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Boy, this gets tougher as this thread gets longer. I'm about to give up and go for the "Damaged electronic sparkling effect" that was caused by the Reek in AOTC. That way, if anybody ask, I can use the old "No it doesn't work...Mine is screen accurate!":D I have thought of at least 3 other ideas that would possibly work but all of them risk the safety issue.


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I thought of another way but it would take some work to fashion it in. If you have ever seen those miniture water gardens (like for table tops) they have a little fogger that makes a really cool smoke affect that looks like dry ice. It works off of the water I believe, so you would need 1) a power source (maybe a small battery in the pack and 2) some type of reseviour in the pack. I think the little device is like 30 bucks and I'm sure you could find em on Ebay or somewhere online. Lasts for a long time too, and would look like a cool idle smoke.


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here we go, this is what I am talking about...


with colored lights and more fog.


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What about those "keyboard dusters" in a can.The compressed air kind.If it's inverted it fogs just like cracking a can of freon open.Since it's designed to be dispersed and into what becomes the "atmosphere" it really doesn't matter whether it's held right side up,where you get air,or up side down where you get a cold forced air fog to give a wicked jet pack effect :)

Whatta ya' think ? :) ? :) ? :)

Of course a homemade rig would have to be customized and have 2 cans in a pack.Perhaps a can on either side,and some freon gauge hoses (when inverted that stuff is COLD) hooked up to the bare can tops and going to the thrusters.A button to press,and release the thrust.It would be alot of work,but certainly a crowd pleaser at Celebration III !

So who's gonna do it first? My pack is already sealed and being painted so I'm out :(



Since I have not started the jet pack yet I am going to try to customize the pack a little so that I can put the smoke in a can into it. I plan on having 1 can in each Fuel tank? cylinder thing on each side of the jet pack. the tops will screw off and the can will fit in upside down so that when the top is screwed back on it will press the top of the can down to release the fog. the jet pack nozzles and the rods that connect them to the pack will be hollowed out so that the fog can escape through them. Thats pretty much my plan on how I am going to tackle it. If anyone else tries this keep me posted on how it works :)


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Migrate wrote:

Hey guys, I think I may have struck gold on this one. There was a post last December about some Fetts wanting to rig their 'packs to emit some kind of exhaust.

Well...after an "exhausting" search of my own, I believe I have found something that will work.

I work in the production industry (TV commercials, mainly) and a product we were using on a shoot just yesterday screamed out to me.

It's called "Fantasy X" but is commonly known as "Fog-in-a-Can".

If someone can tell me how to post pics, I'll slap up an image. But for now, just go to -

It's completely oderless and harmless. It just lets out a stream of white fog that quickly dissapates, along with a "whoosh" sound, that is common to all aerosol dispensers.

It would be very easy to rig up a couple of cans of this upside down in your jet pack and activate it with a small wire (similar to a bicycle's caliper brake wire) or even an electric servo with an RF transmitter.

Anyway, I was considering keeping this little gem to myself, but I thought sharing it would be better for all of us in the long-run.

Check it out and tell me what you think!

Fett ya later.

What ever happend to this idea? It sounds like it would work?

Here's another link to online vendor.

here are some nozzels


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I was thinking at putting a small fog machine in my new jet pack would be real cool. Just hit a button on my guantlet and have a short burst. Well I found it!
Now I just need a small loan. They are about $1000!!! :eek:

Next idea, Fog in a can.
I am just not sure how to make that work. I would have to have something to push down on the top to let the fog out. I was thinking some sort of R/C control. I am just not sure how to wire it.

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yeah i found the fog in a can place a couple months ago... they should just fit into the 2 jp fuel tanks and if the nozzles and tube is hollowed out then the smoke would come out of it. You could even make the top of the fuel tanks screw on and off.
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Ok this is not my bag but after seeing the desperation being reduced to smoke blowing toys I can't take it anymore here's what you do. The little CO2 fire extinguishers you've got your mission..this message will self destruct after someone does this. LOL


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That's pretty nifty :D, I'm pretty sure you can get them at Party City. Not sure but something like that might be hanging around in Party City.

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ok a thought ... are you think to use a little fire extinguisher to make the "effect"
i mean you can put the extinguisher into the pack with 2 hoses....yada yada yada :D
what do ya think :D

EDIT : check this "How can I make a fire extinguisher?"

EDIT 2 :

EDIT 3 : how to make smoke bomb

EDIT 4 : how to make smoke (like smoke machines)