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It's taken me a little bit longer than expected to pull this parts list and diagram together, but I hope it's better late than never. ;) You can thank JFJ for giving me a little reminder last week. :lol:

To try and pull this all together, here are some various threads with my JP info:

My Jet Pack is a MLC with Bobamaker Parts:

My Harness is a converted Football blocking vest:

The development of my SMOKING JETPACK EXHAUST:

Lastly, here is the parts list. Each of the numbered items corresponds with a numbered part on the attached diagram. All prices are approximate, you may find better prices on-line or in your local area.

1. (1) 16oz Aluminum CO2 Tank - $25.00
2. (1) Universal Fill Adaptor with pin valve depressor and 1/8” FNPT air line port - $15.00
3. (1) 12” long - 1/8” SS braided hose with 1/8” MNPT ends. - $8.00
4. (1) Asco Solenoid Valve, 8264G009-6VDC, Brass Body, 1/8” NPT, normally closed - $130.00
EDIT: Updated link to ASCO site. ASCO Liquid CO2 Valves
5. (1) 1/8” brass close nipple - $1.00
6. (1) 1/8” brass tee - $3.00
7. (2) 12” long - 1/8” SS braided hose with one 1/8” MNPT end and one -04 AN swivel end. - $12.00 each
8. (2) -04 AN x 1/8” FNPT adaptor - $3.00 each
9. (2) 1/8” brass street 45 deg. Elbow - $3.00 each
10. (2) 1/8” x 4” long brass nipple - $2.00 each
11. (2) 1/8” brass female 90 deg. Elbow - $3.00 each
12. (2) 1/8” x 1.5” long brass nipple - $2.00 each
13. (2) Brass hose barb, 1/4” hose x 1/8” FNPT - $4.00 each
14. (1) 6v Rechargeable Battery - $15.00
15. (1) Battery Plug - $5.00
16. (2) Hitec BEC Connector, Female - $2.00 each
17. (2) Hitec BEC Connector, Male - $2.00 each
18. (1) Package of 22-gauge stranded hookup wire, 3 spools - $6.00
19. (1) SPST momentary toggle switch, miniature size, - $5.00

The approximate total cost for all the parts: $280.00

Now befor you think I am nuts for spending that kind of money on a "puff of smoke" as some have called it, I was able to get most of my parts for free. A perk some of you may not have. :p So my total cost was about $112.00.

Well ... good luck and be sure and post any modifications or improvements you make to your :jet pack .


Thrusters v2a.gif

Thrusters v3.gif
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Beautiful setup, not much different than I had imagined overall.
That solenoid is an expensive bugger! Guess it will be a while till I can get one of these for myself.


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people are going to be in your debt... alot of the old fett wearers are without a doubt going to do this to their suits... and they have YOU to thank for it.

well done dude!!


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Very nice!

Is this safe for the average Joe to build into something they'll wear on their back? I seem to remember you have an advanced degree in this area, so I assume very knowledgable about your rig.

Just curious.


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Thanks everyone, for the support.

kibosh said:
Is this safe for the average Joe to build into something they'll wear on their back?
If you use the components I spec'ed out in the parts list, and make sure the piped connections are sealed and tightened properly, then it will be safe. Well ... as safe as wearing a compressed gas canister on your back can be. :lol:

If you try and skimp on the solenoid or the hoses, you could run into problems with the liquid CO2 ruining the seals, and the system could develop leaks. Liquid CO2 when exposed to atmosphere actually "boils", which is what causes the smoke. However, the liquid CO2 boils at a very low temperature, so what you get is freezing at the point of the leak. Depending on the location of the leak, you could ruin your JP, or give yourself forst bite on your back or :moon .

Good luck and be safe. (y)



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Zoinks! I'd love a smoking jet pack but the cost of it far outweighs the desire... bummer.

Great diagrams man... very detailed and well put together. Thanks!
Very nice set-up and thanks for sharing this with us! I actually went a small step forward and ran another line to my flamethrower on my gauntlet so that I can spray smoke from it as well.

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judge_hellfast said:
Very nice set-up and thanks for sharing this with us! I actually went a small step forward and ran another line to my flamethrower on my gauntlet so that I can spray smoke from it as well.
Sweeeeet! Lets see some pics. 8)

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shortimer52 said:
Any one thought of making this with a remote?

Yes!! My friend who is really big on RC racers told me he has 2 cystals :confused or something in the remote control that he can use for my fett. One for the servo on the RF and the other to trigger on smoke on the JP.

I would have to hide 8 AA batterys in my guants.
However I would like him to incorporate the remote with the toggle switches on the guants.


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Could do like hyperdyne dose for their RF thing. With the little remote.

BTW Gator want to say thanks for the info on that RF servo, I put in an order for one last night. Had to drink like a 12 pack to be able to justify the money spent on it. :cheers
Any luck my helmet wil be as cool as yours.


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i want to set up an aditional part in the rocket busters when i get my JP. i want to make some type of device that will make sparks fly out. some type of metal grinder might work.

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For those of us who can't afford a sweet exhaust setup like this,
how about we just toss a block of dry ice into our jet packs and make
vents in all the right places? Sounds kind of silly, but it might work! :p

Joren Fett

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With all the new Jet Packs comming out, I have gotten several PM's about my CO2 system, so I thought I would bump this thead back to the top.

Let the fun begin. :lol: