Jet Pack Added smoking thrusters and lights


New Hunter
Wanted to do the smoke and lights for the thrusters. Was a bit of an issue because the neck thrusters that join the jetpack were solid. And the pack was technically paint finished. So I carefully cut the neck off, hollowed out the thrusters to accommodate a pvc pipe that would run through the pack, join the thrusters and act as a channel for the lighting and smoke tubes.
Even though no one will ever really see the rig I decided to distress it add some greeblies just for fun.


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Unfortunately no, I bought a jetpack, thruster kit from etsy. It came with the fans, lights and vape pens...
the the thrusters had cups, but I had to so heavily modify the kit, it was barely recognizable.
The project box was something I decided to put it all in just to stabilize it
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