size of pouch of AMO BELT

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i have great difficult to converted in centimer the f..... inches size :(
1 5/8 for exemple , why the english size not clear same of centimeter ?
1 5/8 is same of 1,62 inches ? (because 5/8 = 0,625)
why make simple when you can make difficult ? :lol:
in france 2,33 centimeter is 2,33 centimeter, anybody used 2 1/3 because is not clear : is it 1/3 of 2 centimeter = 0,66 centimeter or 1/3 of 1 centimeter = 0,33 centimeter ???
sorry for my irritation but it's more difficult to make a costume and if in more it is necessary to catch a headache with these story of conversions!
thanks to help me !
(for info the electronic converter not work with this number !)

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thank for your answer but i dont undrestand it's impossible to multiply 5/8 with 100 or you multiply 0,625 with 100 ? i found 62,5 after what i am doing with this result ?
your link dont work if you put 1 5/8
i found 1 5/8 = 4,12 centimeter
but for 2 3/8 ?
is the map of tk409 is in a real size ?
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no it doesn't work with a number like 1 5/8

but it does work with 1,62 (or 1.62)

the 62 you get if you multiply 5/8 on a calculator with 100.


Can you not buy a ruler with both inches and centimeters on it? We have those in the states, makes it much easier for conversion.



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I got one laying around here aswell... somewhere, never really use it though...

most of the time I look at the lengths in inches, then I start calculating at what percentage I need to print them or draw them etc in CM.

maybe I should start using the ruler :p

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in france it's difficult to found the ruler in inches and i think inches was not precis (precision ?) for correct mesure. In metric systeme you are millimeter, centimeter ! the millimetric is more precision ! (ten millimeter = one centimeter)