ESB Hip Pouch Oddity

Eli Jinn

Hey y'all. I'm sure you guys are tired by now of me pointing out these little tidbits about the ESB costume, but that's kind of what this forum is all about, right? Anyways, I had always noticed that the right hip pouch was slightly shorter than the left one. (Sorry for the low res pic, you know Executor Bridge pics are all awful)

I had always assumed that the patterns were just a bit off when they made the right one or something, but my dad pointed this out when I was showing him a picture. He noticed that the right hip pouch was not only shorter, but the top of the pocket was strangely scrunched up into the belt. When comparing it to the other pouch, it becomes very clear. On the left pouch, the top edge ends in a crisp fold and flows with the sides of the pocket, but the right one bends under and continues under the ammo belt pouches. You know what? Let me just show you.







As far as I can tell, it's like this in every scene, so no questioning this in terms of continuity for the crazy ones of us who base our suits off of one specific scene. (I'm one of those crazy people, btw)
In order to replicate this accurately, I would suggest cutting off a fair bit of the pouch where the top flap attaches to the underside of the ammo belt. Then cut down on whatever you use to stuff your pouches for the right pouch, whether it's rigid or soft. Here's a goofy little diagram.
Pouch Flap oddity.jpg

I don’t have any exact measurements to suggest and I haven't tried this out myself yet, so I'll keep y'all posted when I get around to it and let you know how it turned out. In the meantime, I would recommend anyone willing to try this out to go ahead and carefully cut up your pouches while diligently studying reference images to make sure it looks just right. Or don't. Does any of this really matter?
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