General Free Interactive ESB Fett Checklist of tasks and materials


New Hunter
Hello Newbies and super "Type A" folks!

I've whipped up a FREE interactive visual checklist with everything you need to reach a basic and level two, 501 APPROVABLE ESB Fett. Check it out here: [ Trello ]
– it's Designed to be a super easy and organized way to get started before you begin your DH deep dives!

Please make a copy of the board before you start modifying anything :)

The Checklist includes:

  • Interactive checklists and inventories of every element of the ESB Boba Fett Costume you'll need (according the 501st)
  • Reference Photos
  • Paint colors
  • Advanced Steps to reach "Infamous" status in the 501st.
  • So much more!

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