Girth Belt Position of Girth Belt?

Eli Jinn

I've looked through the entire ESB Boba Fett photo gallery, and the girth belt position randomly fluctuates between right above the large dent...


...And above the codpiece entirely, with the ammo belt sort of in the middle...


In this next picture, he may not even be wearing the girth belt at all...

So do you think this is just due to the belt riding up the codpiece when walking? Maybe the codpiece fell down a bit? Or is this some ridiculous "screen accuracy" thing like the upside down knee pads? What way should people wear their girth belts?
It’s one of several details on the costume that changes from scene-to-scene depending on who is wearing the costume, and how it moves around during filming. Like how the left gauntlet was repaired during filming and covered with an splotch of grey paint, or parts of the EE3 are missing in some scenes. So there isn’t really any one correct way to wear it, it’s up to you what look you’re going for.
Bingo! It’s important to remember that this is a costume on a person that moves (and theoretically runs and jumps and FLIES and fights) and not a statue. “Accuracy” with regard to fit and positioning (as opposed to paint and parts) is relative and in a way part of a matrixed system or taxonomy of “Boba Fett” as opposed to a static list of requirements.

Don’t overthink it – as evidence clearly shows the costume department sure didn’t once filming began! ;-)

My practical advice is to pick one scene where you like the overall look and go for that.
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