Sheet metal making armor?



Anyone have templates for making the mandolorian armor outta sheet metal?

and/or anyone think this would work? attaching the metal parts to the shirt with rivets and such?
It will work, but do not use sheet metal. Use aluminum 1/8 and cut it out with a jigsaw. you can JBWeld snaps on the opposite side and corrosponding snaps on the jacket/ or velcro. do not glue your armor unto the vest, I did that on my first vest and wished I had'nt.

Templetes can can be found by using the search.
you think making a helmet out of metal would work too?

would probably be alot cooler feeling.
About the only way to make a helmet from metal and get it to look right is pour caste it.

Not very cost effective, but if your going all metal, and think you can make one from metal go for it, just because I never seen it dont mean it cant be done.


How the crap did you make it???

I WANNA MAKE ONE! I don't care about screen accuracy, seeing that I'd be going for just a mandolorian warrior, with blue and white as the color scheme (school colors!)

*cough* but you got any templates or anything that you used for that friggin AWSOME helmet?
That's an AWESOME helmet.
I'm working on a custom Mandalore outfit myself. If you have any templates, tutorials or would just be interested in selling or trading a helmet like that, PLEASE let me (us) know. I'm not worried about it being completely movie accurate.
Corbin Das
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