Seeking opinions on my bucket (finally) - Pics Attached...


Alright, the moment I have been dreading but I had a few spare seconds after coming home from work and before heading to the office Christmas party so here goes.

I'll finally post some pics of my bucket as it stands right now... One thing that I want to note is that I'll be working the back over a little bit better and removing one of the "scratchs" (the one to the top right at the line of the mandible).

Other than that I would LOVE some thoughts and opinions on it.

Well thats it!!!

Looking good! Is that a MH bucket? It looks like it.

Are those colors (visor, ears, dome/cheecks) from the RS movie paint list?

You'll definatly want to hit the visor red with some black wash to darken it up, it'll change the color alot to get it to where it needs to be for ESB.

Thanks guys!! Means a lot when you get the approval of THIS tough crowd LOL.

Question #1: Was this the RS color listing?
Answer #1: Yes, it was. Without that list I would have been totally lost?

Question #2: What color is on the visor scratches that looks blue/grey?
Answer #2: Its the SP Dark Grey or whatever color is listed in the RogueStudios listings.

Question #3: What type of bucket is this?
Answer #3: Its a Mystery baby!!!

Question #4: What technique did I use for the base
Answer #4: I used primer coating (spray) then I applied a couple layers of chrome (spray) then I added the rest of the colors on that base. I scratched here and sanded there to get the chrome to show through in some areas and others I added topographically. I even added a little more chrome on the front of the helmet to make it look "chipped and flaked" in areas.


Lynn: Explain the black wash technique purty please!

Lyyyyyyyyyyyyyynn!!! I know its the holidays but ya gotta get on here... I'm dying to know the proper black wash technique oh Jedi Master :eek:)

Nawww, just wasn't sure if you saw the post before so I posted this one.

You can do the one that RS has on his color listing with the windo washing fluid.

Or you can do as I do, I just take a small dixie cup and ill it 1/2 water and add some black acrylic paint to it, or what ever color you want to use a wash, and darken the water.

I have found out that flat paint is the best for doing washs over as it goes on nice and even, gloss paints tend to bead up and look splotchy.

Then take a brush and dip it in the water and paint it over the area you want to darken and let it dry. You can wipe some of it off as it dries just so that it gets in nooks and crannies or leave it over the top and tint the whole thing.

It works really well and it'll change the looks of that red substantially.

When done seal it with your clear coat after the wash has dried.

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