Scratchbuilt backplate


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I have finally started to build my backplate, since I need to keep pace with Ronin:lol: Made from sintra goodness. It should do, until I can get a vac formed piece. Formed and primed, still need to paint-hopefully this weekend-



i think there are so many people on this board that are to the point that their scratchbuild's look like canon product.

that looks good enough to make a mold of to make a fiberglass part

I'm very impressed, you got a really good bend in it. How many times did you need to reheat the sintra? Great job!
I had to reheat it a million times it felt. I set the whole thing on top of my kerosene heater cage till the whole thing was pretty much a wet noodle, then I'd throw it on my back and start shaping it out. Pretty hard to do by yourself:lol: It was a lot of trial and error. I'd get part of it shaped on the back, but bad on the shoulders. Then I'd heat it back up and get the shoulders good, but the back would turn a little off. Honestly the shoulders seemed the hardest, to get it to hug your shoulders and back at the same time without parts not sitting snug to your body and looking ackward. Starting my painting last night, but ran out of US med green:(

You might be making yours after mine but trust me buddy yours puts mine to shame. That is really really good :cheers (y) (y)
i saw the wof templates nd they are very diferent from ure blackplate o/

now i dont know hou make mine yours is very good o/
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