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dose ne one have templets for making a scracth built helmet or am i gonna have to wing it i am building on a batting helmet thanks for all the help so far and thanks again
I have yet to see any patterns for a Helmet,
most people probably wing it.

My suggestion is that you get as much reference photos as you can from the version you are trying to make (Empire or Jedi), and use those to make the details of your helmet as accurate as you can.
Go over and check out He has a pattern called "The Mystery Helmet." It's the closest thing to the original I've ever seen. It's what I'm using for my own bucket. (y) kudos to TK409 (y) I used 1/16 in plastic (the same used for gutters) as the base then built up with modeling clay to get the exact look. I'm half way through casting in plaster. I might set up some pics of the process in another thread.

Comments? (y) (y)
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codyfett said:
im bilding an empire but if there was a rotj pattern maby i change mind take a short cut

The helmets came from the same molds, so an ROTJ pattern will do just as good as an ESB pattern.

You'll only need to tweak the finishing details.
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