ROTJ - right ear paint detail

Jedi Bob

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I have noticed a difference in alot of ROTJ helmets that has me a bit curious.

On the right side of the helmet, prior to attaching the 2 metal caps, some folks have painted the whole thing red??? The red is visible in the space between the top and bottom ear caps.

The picture below is from one of the exhibits and clearly shows NO RED, rather silver.


Is there a version of the ROTJ helmet that shows it being red? Or has this just been overlooked?

Obviously I have not painted that part yet so I am looking for some guidance. :lol:
It is simply a mistake made by many. To the best of our knowledge there is only one RotJ bucket and as you can see...

Yep .. I was a victim too ... I was impatient, and then just plain forgot .. noticed AFTER the pics went up , was hoping no one would notice yet :lol:

T'sall right tho .. paint can always be added ;)

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