ROTJ Hero paints (germany / europe)


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Hey there,

I've got my first Bucket from minutefett. It's a ROTJ Hero Cast, and I've never painted something like that ever before.

Now I've tried to gather all the information I need, but honestly it's quite hard for me.
It seems like the ROTJ hero helmet is quite unpopular, so I wasn't able to get that much information.

My question is as follows: Which paints can be used from priming to weathering the bucket, which are available for germany / europe?
I tried using ROTJ Paint Colours in the UK but it turns out that the humbrol paints are quite hard to get in germany.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated :)

Here's the bucket minutefett made for me:
Archive-X is the best paint around in my opinion. They’re enamel based for now, thinned 1:1 with White Spirit.

Pictured is my FPH2 painted with Archive-X.

Colours used: Base silver and grey metallics are Humbrol Spray Acrylics Silver 11 and Gunmetal 53.

Dome and lower cheeks - GN Grey Green/Grime 60/40 misted with Coach Green and Pullman Green Lt, this over SP Dark Lark sprayed in patches of different amounts.

Light Green/Grime 50/50 for the lighter green on lower cheeks. Toned back with the base green for cheek.

Upper cheeks SP Dark Lark on first then Dark Green/Engine Black 70/30 approx. Same for turn signal above visor.

Red turn signal is Caboose.

Kill stripes Reefer Orange

Visor and mandibles is SP Dark Lark first then D&H Caboose/Caboose 50/50.

Lower rear/Back Plates of helmet is Humbrol 53 sprayed in patches of different amounts and then Dark Green.


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