ROTJ Bucket now with Paint

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A little bird wearing a multicolored jet pack just dropped this pic at my house...

And for just a little reference... ;) Checks out dem dents!

This is the closest thing I could reference in "raw" form.

Smells like ROTJ to me! :)
y'know, I'm not ROTJ but damn... that's dead on.
Where'd you come across this? where can I come across this? ;)
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That is very nice, wish I had come across one of those a couple of months ago.
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I am a ROTJ guy and that sure smells good to me...

You have peaked my interest - please tell me a story :D

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Happy to hear I'm not the only one that thinks this bucket looks as sweet as I thought it did! Just to throw it out there, this in not an interest thread ((as of yet;)). This thread is more geared to the build up and progess and I have been givin the go ahead to take you along with it. This will also include detailed pics of an ROTJ paint up as well so we can see this in its finished form. Should be pretty interesting to watch it come to life step by step. I will keep all updates to this thread so PMs won't help to much. Lets just watch this happen together before we get to far a head of ourselves. ;) Please keep your comments coming...
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I am glad to see that not everyone has forgotten about the all too important RotJ helmet. I look forward to seeing this gem painted.
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Looks good but I am sure I have seen that all white helmet somewhere before but I will have to wait till I get home to see.
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