reinforcement for DP bucket??


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can anyone point me to a thread or tell me the best way and material to use to reinforce my 96 DP. im starting the breakdwn and prep and wanted to get it stronger so it not as weak. and as u no theres not a ton of room to spare inside as well!! id greatly appreciate the help. thanks! :cheers
With the material that it's made from, reinforcing a DP might be a little tricky.
I've seen some threads where people have epoxied in a section of metal "sewing loop" inside the bottom of the helmet.
Maybe someone who has done this will chime in with more details.
Here's the tutorial I used on my DP95 (although I couldn't widen it out to the indicated 9" as it made the bucket too short front to back and my nose was smashed against the visor...I think it came out closer to 8 1/4" or so) and this is the progress thread from here at TDH noob questions for DP95 and I just realized I never added pics of the bucket after I did some paint touch-ups and added decals.

Before and after:

feel free to PM me with any other questions! cheers!

-rocky b


great! thanks, i appreciate it greatly! thats what i was looking for! and dam fine work , ur helm looks great!!!!!!(y)
No problem good luck with your mods...of course we expect progress pics as you go along!! Have you decided which version you are going to do?

-rocky b
my plan is to do a ESB fett suit, so that was the plan for the bucket as well, but what im thinking of doing now is the DP in ROTJ, and eventually ordering me a nice sgt.fang or MS if i can get one to do the ESB paint for my suit, and have the DP just for display. and of course once i get a few steps more on the bucket ill post a progress thread! thanks again for the help and also to SUPERJEDI for the reply!
Sounds like a good plan to me... the DP makes a great practice piece and having owned one I will say that I think they are better suited to display than wearing. I feel much more prepared now so when the time comes to go to work on a more expensive bucket I know what to do, and probably more importantly what NOT to if we can just get Sarge to cast his upcoming new sculpt in fiberglass that would be the bees knees! Don't hesitate to ask questions no matter how silly they seem...this board is a treasure chest of info and is THE most helpful and mature forum that I am a member of, both costuming and non-costuming related. Good luck and keep us posted!

-rocky b
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