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I have a superb Fett helmet!!!!!!!!


:D :D :D :D

Many thanks Lee!!!!!

It looks like a realistic piece of battleworn Mandalorian armor. Nuff Said. No higher compliment can I give it.

WOW! Rex thanks so much. I don't think I'm some awesome painter there are many people on this board who I feel smoke me I just try to capture the look of it being a film used prop and not a working helmet if that makes sense. I hope everyone remembers I did 8 of these at once which lengthend the receipt time back to you. I have much higher build prices but for the money I think it's a great value.

Glad to see you are happy Rex. I boxed up more last night and I am able to ship in the U.S from work. I have one international customer who has been patiently waiting for me to get to the Post office but it's going as soon as I can bribe my co-workers to cover for me while I drive across town on my lunch hour to ship it.

It is my hope that everyone likes their helmet as much as it sounds like you do. It has been a long wait for you folks.

Best Regards

Heck YEAH I'm happy with it Lee!!! :D :D :D

Can't say anything more that conveys my feelings!

:) :)

And yes, my bad on the No Pix! I was feeling rather jubilant, and rushed to express myself...before pics! :D

I will do my utmost to get a pic of it. You saw the lineup of helmets Lee did (still don't know how Lee did 8 at once!!) and to actually hold it, stare at it, is really a darn nice feeling. I don't know how the flash, etc will turn out for the colors, but the battlewear is truly what makes this a tremendous helmet.

It's been a rough year for me, and this is definently a high point. My ESB Fett is getting closer! This Halloween marks a two year anniversary in my personal Quest for Fett! It's been a long road, but it's been a fun one too. I have nearly everything I need to complete Fett, just need to snag one more item. (well, gotta get a scope too, but...okay, one scope and one set of shin tools that I've had my eye on for what, 3 months?!?) Hopefully, I'll be able to order them soon.

Man, this is fun. And don't ask me what my next Star Wars costume will be!! :lol: I swore I wouldn't start another SW costume until Fett is finished!! ;) Then, who knows? Will it finally be a Stormtrooper? A Sandtrooper? Those Snowtroopers look awfully cool too. (no pun intended...) and then there's Clonetroopers. Do you do the all-white version? The yellow Commander? Red? The Blue and Green which are barely glimpsed in the movie, but figure prominently in Battlefront? Or, the ArcTrooper???

Nope!! It's Fett, then who knows??

:lol: :lol: :lol:

take care all,

Turo, I lost yours I think it blew away in a hurricane yeah that's it LOL ;).

Man I'm afraid to see any pics myself it's kind of like hearing or seeing yourself on video you never look or sound like you think you do. I feel the same way about these helmets I don't like looking at my own work. Eye's closed.


Rogue Studios wrote:

Turo, I lost yours I think it blew away in a hurricane yeah that's it LOL ;).


Man - you dont know how much I'm looking forward to this helmet. This will be my dream quest. Since 1980.

Thanks man.

You cant post a thread like this without pictures ;) :lol:
I was really lucky to have Lee paint my MSH & its without a doubt the BEST paintjob around.
The amount of time & effort he puts into these helmets is unreal.

Nathan :)
"Fellas..Fellas, I put my pants on just like leg at a time. Except when my pants are on... I paint green helmets!"

LOL. Gotta love that cowbell skit.

I was able to watch Lee work on these helmets.

Trust me...whatever he is charging is not enough. There is so much work in this you would not believe it. Especially with 8 at once!

Good job, Lee
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