Try this book that was recommended to me by some folks on here :)
The prop builders Moulding and casting handbook by Thurstone James, I ordered mine yesterday and just can't wait till it arrives !!!

Only 13 bucks man im goin to buy it there, at the book store i check it was for 25bucks im glad i didnt go buy it today lol.
Gentlemen I would advise however that you not just make a mold off the dp helmet.. 1st of all I Would think you would want to modify it and make it your own.. larger or whatever.. Also.. Its not as easy as it sounds.. and the silicone is expensive.. not something to be wasted..Also you are openly talking about makin a copy of a copyrighted item on an open forum .. dont think these forums dont get reviewed by license holders.. please be a little more discreet or general when making these statements.. such as "I want to make a copy of my helmet".. and leave it at that.. not bashing anyone , just be carefull as we all enjoy this hobby.. good luck in your projects..
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