RC RF servo help!!!!!


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hey, i went to my local hobby store, and bought a servo. i am trying to wire it up to my RF, so it could be raised and lowered by a remotecontrol. it doesn't matter if it is cordless, or has wires. if it has wires, i will simpally wire it through my gaunt tube, and up under the gaunt. i would prefer it be cordless, but does not matter. also, please do not give me the link for the zip zap RF. i tried it, and well...., lets just say, i did not have the talent to work with a small little board. Please help me out. i was thinking of using something like RC car receiver, and stuff.
Contact Mobius, here on TDH. He did my helmet for me. He knows the answers to all your questions. :D

John Barrows, Jr.
my tutorial didn't work out for you thksdad, I'm sorry to hear that. I guess I cannot provide any further assistance. I hope you did'nt waste any money attempting to follow my tutorial. I wish you good luck in finishing yours. And if there was anything wrong with the tutorial please let me know. Again I'm sorry it did'nt work out for you. Good luck.
accually, it did work, until one of the wires came off. so for the record, it did work. its okay though, i had fun working with it.
hey, i am going to seel one of my lil bros mini RC cars....i mean, i am going to ask premission to take his car. :) anyway, i have 1 more chance. so, does anyone have any pics on how to take the wires off the servo? i have a servo, and from what i understand, you take the servo appart, and wire it up dirrectly to the motor. but, how do i wire it up dirrectly to the motor? can i clip all the other wires? if anyone has pics, please let me know.
Anyone have pics of how to install and attach the servo to the range finder? I've got all the electronics wired now I just need to figure out the best way to attach it all. Thanks,

Bob f.
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