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I have a question about the Helmet, the silver in particular. The question is.. Was all the silver on the original (ESB in particular) helmet masked off and exposed from underneath, or was some of the silver applied topically?
As far as i know, the majority of it was topical (not all) but the bigger area's were all topically done if my memory serves me correct. Think there is a Picture of Joe Johnstone w/ a scotch bright pad applying the detail some where floating around here.

Thats for ESB, dont know about rotj
I agree with topical for the most part........the back of the helm looks nice masked though because it's such a big area.
Based on RS's suggestions, I'm doing the method of masking off the silver and painting the other colours around it. I'll get some photos up soon before I start on the mandibles, it's working pretty well so far. Great thing about acrylics is that if your masking isn't perfect, it's easy to fix up with a toothpick. If you scratch away too much, also easy to paint over and it doesn't show up after scotchbriting/black washing.
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