PROTOTYPE DONE! Gauntlet Calc Pad Light Project


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I'm happy to say that the lights look *really* cool in the dark :)! I'm using a regular 9V battery, and I hope that'll be enough for these little lights, but I'll still do a little test! Here is a preview: (It even looks cool under an regular resin calc pad!)


Here are more images of this in action: Gaunt Lights
So, I don't know if I'll be making these for TDH since it's not very movie accurate, but if enough people are seriously interested...I'll probably do a little run! And I also think they add a certain coolness to the gauntlets :D! One problem tho, these lights seem to like to heat up a little :p I'll try and fix that...but I don't know if I will, so thats why I'm debating selling these! :(

So, anyone seriously interested? The price will be lower than my RF kit as far as I'm concerned right now!


Hey guys, I'm working on a quick project that will light up some of the calc pad keys bright green! :D
I just need a closeup of the ESB gaunt calc pad if anyone can help me out?

I know it's not movie accurate, but it'll be hella cool!

Hehe, so is Wes interested? ;)

I'll be recieving my ultra mini LED shipment soon!

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This is how small and bright they are...roughly same size as the calc pad keys! Do you like?


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Neat idea. I always thought that the gauntlets needed more lights. Not movie accurate, you're right, but, cool none the less.

As for pics of the ESB calc pad . . . I'm afraid you're probably going to come up pretty empty on your search. As it is there's very few pics of the whole ESB costume in general. And there's virtually NO closeups of any of the individual parts . . . at least none that have made it out for our eyes to see.

However, the pad itself is the same pad as the ROTJ one . . . but, not sure if the buttons have any colours attached to them, or what any weathering patterns may be.

But, for what it's worth, it looks pretty silver to me! :)

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Here is a pic of an unaltered calc pad. Height of keypad button: 0.078". Width of keypad button: 0.152"

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Bobo, man! You are too much!!!! :)
That is sooo cool!!!!!
I am still trying to save for your RF LED's though.

I love the idea!

Now...about that beacon light.... :D
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Dude, that's pretty sweet.

I like the little Boba drawing on the centre of the PCB :lol:

I'll be keeping an eye on this!

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Wow BOBO! Looks good!! By the time you are finished your Fett costume you will have more lights than a xmas tree! :lol:
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Lol, you might be right ;)
But I definitely won't overdo it.

The only lights I'll have will be:

- RF LED's
- Gauntlet LED's (the red one?)
- Gauntlet Calc pad (?)
- Jet Pack Beacon

And yes, Jedi-Bob, I'll be posting some info on the JP beacon soon ;)

I need someone to tell me how it'd be possible to make the calc pad keys out of clear material (rubber?)! It would be cool this way as the light would get distributed more evenly throughout the key...sorta like a cellphone keypad. Any info would be appreciated!

Thanks for the comments guys!
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The calculator pad should be made of clear resin instead of the white stuff. Then entire calc pad is painted silver, except the keys which remain clear. But the problem is that the light from one end might light up the other.
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Whoa, interesting! :D
I didn't know clear resin existed. I shall look into it then, thanks alot buddy.

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