Problem with chrome paint "dust"


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I recenetly started on painting my Mystery helmet and RA Jet Pack. I've laid down a couple of coats of the Rustoleum Metallic Finish Chrome. However, no matter how much I wipe them off when I touch them I get some paint dust on my fingers. Is this normal? Will the other coats of paint and sealant take care of it?

Thanks! I was originally going to have someone paint them for me, but I really wanted to have a go at making them "mine". I hope I don't regret it. :)
Any metallic paint will come off to some degree when touched. That just stems from actual metal particles in the paint. A clearcoat will help, but make sure it's one designed for metallic finishes. Testors' buffing metalizer clearcoat comes to mind, but I think it has to be airbrushed on.
I agree with Eric, but instead of airbrushing, I used Krylon Dull coat and that took care of the problem. Just do the chrome, let it "dry" as much as possible and dull coat it.
All metalic -chrome- paint has an alloy based chemical in it to give it a shine when its first sprayed. Anyone with some experience knows when Chrome paint is handled alot or in the elements it loses its shine from age. You can reduce the amount of particals by gets aluminum or silver paint as aposed to chrome which I never liked. But honestly the silver undercoat isnt nessesary if you take your time you can apply it topicaly with great results.
Thanks for the tips everyone. I am very green when it comes to painting these days. The last time I painted anything besides was 18 years ago (ack!) when I did model airplanes. I'll go ahead and lay down one more chrome coat and then hit it with some of the Krylon Dull coat.

I've decided on the layering method for now (until the next one) but I appreciate the advice cal196.

Again, thanks! :cheers
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